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Coffee for Charity

  • Get There Foundation will be one of the featured charities competing in the next round of Oceana Coffee's Cup of Kindness Program.

  • Oceana Coffee is an award-winning specialty coffee roaster based in Tequesta, Florida.

  • The Cup of Kindness program features 3 charitable organizations competing for a chance to win a $500 donation from Oceana Coffee.

Robert with Oceana Coffee Co-Founder Amy Angelo and team. (2018)

I have some exciting news! Starting on January 1st, 2021 Get There Foundation will be collaborating with our friends at Oceana Coffee on the next round of their Cup of Kindness program! We will be in a friendly competition with 2 other charitable organizations for a chance to win $500. But this means more to me than the chance to win some cash.

In 2018 I worked for Oceana Coffee. I assisted them with sales and marketing, and I was in the room when Cup of Kindness was born! The idea is to have visitors to Oceana Coffee Cafe locations participate by voting for one of the charity partners when they stop by. I loved the idea because, at the time, I was working on Get There Foundation as a side project, so I was thrilled to be able to connect with other organizations. Now, almost 3 years later, that little side-project is going to be in the game!

There are a few ways to support Get There Foundation:

  1. Stop by any Oceana Coffee location to vote for us to win the $500 prize.

  2. Purchase our special bag of coffee (link coming soon). Oceana Coffee will make a $5 donation to our organization for each bag sold.

  3. Tell your friends about what we're doing on social media!

This round runs from January 1st through March 2021, so you have plenty of time to get out there and show us some love! Keep an eye out for the Check Presentation celebration that will take place once all the votes are counted. I look forward to celebrating with all of you with that giant $500 check in my hands!

Robert Bodwell

Founder, Get There Foundation

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