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Get There Foundation

Everyone has a dream concert, destination, or sporting event. 

We're here to help them Get There.

Who We Are

At Get There Foundation we see every empty seat as a wasted opportunity. By using the power of charitable giving, we find unwanted tickets and get them to the people that would otherwise not have access to their dream event.

We are the only nonprofit organization that seeks out unwanted tickets and puts them to good use in our community. Our goal is to disrupt the secondary ticket market by providing an alternative to reselling.


What We Do


No Empty Seats

We find unwanted seats and give them to people that want them! We work with venues, entertainers, sponsors, and season ticket holders to make sure that no tickets go to waste. As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, ticket donations are eligible for a tax deduction.


Our Reach

We are always looking for new opportunities to make a difference! Our goal is to deliver experiences to every corner of the United States and we are well on our way!

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How do we get tickets?

We find unused tickets. They could be from a private or corporate-owned season ticket package, sponsor allocated tickets, or player tickets that aren't being given away.

Who do we give tickets to?

We work with other charitable and social organizations to identify need within a community and provide these individuals with access that they cannot provide for themselves. It may be someone recovering from a serious illness, a longtime community volunteer, or someone trying to get back on their feet after personal hardship.

Why are we doing this?

We know the power of experience. There is nothing like being in the building when your favorite band takes the stage or your favorite team takes the field. This simple experience can have a profound impact on someone's life and we want to make that happen.

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What Makes Us Different


The One & Only

We are the only nonprofit organization dedicated to providing entertainment experiences to underprivileged individuals by converting unused tickets into powerful experiences.

How You Can Help

Donations are the best way to help us do what we do but there are lots of other ways to support our work!

Make us your designated charity on AmazonSmile and a percentage of your purchase will go toward our mission!

Calling all gamers! Join our Get There Gaming Fundraising Team to raise money while you stream!

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